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Welcome to my Professional Learning Environment (PLE)!

The purpose of this PLE is to track my learning over the course of my M. Ed. Program at Post University.  As an educator, I hold a firm belief that reflection is a necessary part of personal growth.  This PLE will allow me not only to document my personal and professional growth, but it will also help me to share my journey with others.  I cannot think of a better way to document evidence of my learning.

The domain name ‘teachtotheheart’ symbolizes my steadfast belief that relationships are the single most important factor in a positive learning experience.  Without healthy interpersonal relationships, every other facet of education suffers, including school climate, attendance, behavior, and student learning outcomes.  I know from past experience that when I do not have a connection to a student, their work suffers and they are less likely to buy in to what they are learning.  On the other hand, when I invest time and effort into making those connections, students accomplish remarkable feats. When I began teaching, the first days were focused on the rules, routines, syllabi and curriculum.  Now, they are centered on community building, belonging, and getting to know my scholars.  This has made a huge impact on my teaching.  It is important to note that this applies to relationships among faculty as well.

My goals for obtaining my M. Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology are simple: I want to deliver education to my scholars that is relevant and engaging, I want to become a leader in my school and I want to contribute ideas to make my organization sustainable. This degree will give me the tools I need to achieve these goals.  I will not be able to achieve these goals without strong interpersonal relationships and collaboration being at the forefront of my vision.


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