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Training Educators to Use Google Forms as a Tool for Student Reflection and Curriculum Revision: An Instructional Design Project Portfolio



Google Forms Project: Where Instructional Design Meets Project Management

The goal of this instructional design (ID) project is to implement Google Forms for student reflection and curriculum evaluation by training teachers in the English Department in order to help all educators utilize a powerful technological resource to improve teaching and learning. The best practices of both ID and project management (PM) will be utilized to foster greater project efficiency and outcomes. My project plan includes: an introduction to the opportunity of the project, the identification of all stakeholders, an overview of the technology being used, the project proposal, the work breakdown structure, potential project team members action plan, stakeholder analysis, stakeholder communication action plan, and risk analysis and action plan.google-forms-512

Definition of Opportunity, Stakeholders, & Technology for Project

Project Proposal & Work Breakdown Structure

Potential Project Team Members, Stakeholder Analysis, Stakeholder Communication, & Risk Assessment Action Plans

Complete Project Plan

                                           Helpful Project Planning Resources

This video explains how to identify and document stakeholders in a project:

This is a video tutorial to help you create a needs analysis survey at the start of a project using Google Forms:

Follow this link for a wide variety of articles on best practices in PM:


This website provides scope statement directions, examples, and helpful links:


This website gives useful tips to help you avoid resistance to technology projects:


This website explains various risk management methods:


This article details the 7 greatest contributors to change management success:



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