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I initially enrolled in Post University’s M. Ed. Program in Instructional Design and Technology because I wanted to learn better ways to engage my students and make use of the many technological resources available at my school including Smartboards, a 1 to 1 laptop ratio, iPads, 3D printer and scanner, etc.  Now that I have started this journey, my goals have increased.  I would like to become a leader in my school community and collaborate with my colleagues on a deeper level in order to improve instruction at our school.  In addition, my great hope is that I will be able to bring knowledge to my school in order to ensure its sustainability into the future.  Thus far, the program has reinforced for me the idea that the more you know, the more there is to know.  This inspires as an educator and human being.

I have wanted to be an educator my entire life and it is a role I take seriously and treat with honor and care.  I never wanted children of my own, but I did always want to give back to the world.  At a conference this past summer, a wise man said that “True generosity has a cost,” and this idea has resonated in my heart ever since.  To be an educator is to give of your time, energy, ideas, and love.  If you are not sacrificing something, then you are not truly giving back.

As a first year educator in a new school, I was not prepared for everything that was eventually going to be thrust upon me.  But it was this blank slate that allowed me to learn so much in so little time.  I went from taking things personally to trying to understand my students’ perspectives and learn to empathize with them.  Five years under my belt, I bet I would not even recognize myself as a first year teacher.  The growth has been tremendous.  I owe it all to an amazing and patient principal, flexible and helpful colleagues, supportive mentors, but most of all to my students who gave me invaluable opportunities to become a better person overall.

Now that I have some experience and confidence in the classroom, my new challenge is to grow as a leader among my colleagues and help new teachers develop their gifts and talents.  In three years, I can picture myself as a department head among other leadership roles.  My goal no matter how much times passes, though, is to always be learning as much as I possibly can.




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